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      More than ten years ago, we embarked on the economic development train of high-speed speeding in the new century, and moved to the manufacturing base of the west wing of thePearl River Delta”—— Foshan. With a passion for entrepreneurship,We are committed to building our future on this land with a splendid civilization of more than 2,000 years.

    We respect morality, gather talents, work together, and conduct business with integrity. We believe wisdom is better than words and carry forward practical spirit without being utopian.We always keep in mind the entrepreneurial spirit of honor, dedication, pragmatism and enterprising”; adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity, innovation, development, and win-win" on the road to entrepreneurship. We actively create an enterprise environment with harmonious external contacts and strict internal control. With practical actions, the company has quickly entered the forefront of the stainless steel market We comply with the macro economic situation changes, make efforts to implement  the enterprise development ideas "consolidate commerce and trade, diversified management, relying on strong enterprise". We deeply analyze our own advantages and disadvantages, improve the industrial structure without losing the opportunity,  and form a pattern of multi-industry going hand in hand, which effectively guarantees the company's high quality and sustainable development. With the courage of perseverance, we concentrate on the accumulation, promotion and transcendence, and promote Genius to move forward and growth.

    We are grateful for the support and care given by friends from different places, and we will not forget the new and old employees who have contributed to the development of the company. It is because of your company along the way, we will have today's performance and confidence. 

    We are eager to cooperate with the all over the world. Enterprises must not only participate in reasonable competition, but also seek mutual friendly cooperation. We firmly believe that only with sincere and win-win cooperation, can enterprise development be sustained and long-term.

    Genius will strive to be your forever trusted friend!



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