Genius Group Recruitment Guide

    Foshan Genius Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. is a large-scale industrial and trading enterprise established in 2006 with the sales and processing of stainless steel agents.

    Companies adhere to the customer-oriented, uphold the business principles of honesty and trustworthiness, mutual benefit, always seize the main axis of stainless steel sales core agents, steadily expand operations, continues to expand market share. In recent years, the total annual trade sales of the company has exceeded 1 million tons, and the total trade volume is nearly 10 billion yuan. It has effectively expanded the good cooperative relationship between the company and many domestic and foreign merchants. At the same time, it has won extensive credit and reputation in the industry, which has enabled the company to quickly enter the forefront of the stainless steel trade scale.

    Employees are always the most valuable asset of a company. We are convinced that the process of enterprise development is a process of bringing employees together with common aspirations, visions and goals. It is also a process of gathering common values and cultural. At present, Genius also ushered in a magnificent period of macro-reform and a crucial moment for the development of enterprises. We realize that to realize the corporate vision of Building a sustainable modern industrial and trade enterprise groupand ensuring that more people with lofty ideals are involved in the practice, we must make breakthroughs from the perspective of human resource management. We will adhere to the concept of talented people, morality first,  attracting graduates, better talents in the society, and helping them to continuously grasp the corresponding abilities and sentiments needed to succeed. They are given full play to their potential and the stage of their talents, with a more meaningful life value.

    We warmly welcome all talents to join the company, work together to write a new chapter of development, and create an admired Genius Group!


Our job requirements:

1. Sale departmentMarketing, international trade, logistics and other related majors.

2. Administrative department: administrative management, business management, secretarial, human resources and other related majors.

3. Accounting department:accounting, financial management and other majors.

4. Electromechanical equipment department: metallurgical machinery manufacturing, mechanical and electrical integration and other related majors.

5. Technical department:metallurgy, metal materials, computers (information engineering), equipment maintenance and other related majors.



According to the company's relevant compensation system, the implementation of the talent introduction system is negotiable.


Work place:

Foshan City Headquarters, provincial and foreign sub-subsidiaries, overseas companies.


Contact information:

Application materials: No. 8, 1st floor, Block 16, Lanshi (International) Metal Trading Center, Chancheng, Foshan, Guangdong.

Contac persont: Ms Huang

TEL: +757-83938787


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